Have you ever thought about becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Agent or scaling your business into hundreds of millions by selling real estate online? Becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Agent is very easy if you can sell online. Real estate can turn your dream of making millions into reality within a short time. In fact, anyone with a little training can just start making money within days, weeks or months. Real Estate is where the rich hide their money. However, as much as it is easy to make money selling real estate, it is not so easy for most people who don’t know how to sell online. Selling Real Estate is very hard for most agents especially in the current economic situation, but those who understands online marketing are making millions every month. And here we are, half of the year is already gone, yet most agents are yet to make their first sales not to talk of making millions. If this your situation, there’s no reason to give up just yet. This article will show you exactly how to sell properties online and become a Millionaire Agent within a very short time. The Following strategies shows you how top real estate agents are using the internet to make millions every month.

Set your Income Goal

Becoming a Millionaire Agent begins with a shift in your mindset. You need to stretch your mind from the little pecks and begin to see yourself in the Millionaire realm. You need to begin your journey with specific goals and make plans to achieve it. Without a specific target and a plan to get there, you’ll never know what you’re working toward.

When you set your real estate goals, you need to go farther than simply saying you want to sell real estate and become a millionaire. Write down:

-What you want. Example, to make a Million Naira every month.

-Why you want it. To improve my lifestyle and invest for passive income.

-What your life will look like when you have it. I will be able to tour the world, and achieve my dreams.

-A date you’re committing to achieving your goals. Example July ending. -Your goals should also be broken down into milestones. Set smaller goals that you need to reach to get you closer to your big goals. Decide what you need to do every day that’s going to move you closer.

Position yourself as an Authority

“Perception is Reality”

In today’s business world, who you know does not really matter like who knows you and what they think about you. If you really want to make money as a Real Estate Agent, don’t just try to sell properties without selling yourself first. Let people know you as an authority in real estate. You do this by a method called “Priming”. Priming are the things you do and say online in order to influence a positive to response in sales. Before you attempt to sell, prime your audience. Package yourself in way that will build the right perception. Make people see you as the person they should talk to when they need properties. You do this by teaching and talking about real estate. Writing about real estate and letting people know you deliver high value. Everything that you post reflects on you, as the saying goes “How you do one thing, is how you do everything.” Make sure your personal brand online is doing you a favor, not embarrassing you! This will also show in your social media bio, your photos, your posts, your mutual friends and even your comments on other people’s post.  A reputation can’t be fabricated; it is created by what you do behind closed doors for the good or the bad. Past clients, past employees and industry members are very often quick to share their own opinions about you and your business.

Teach it and Sell it

The easiest way to sell anything is to teach it. What teaching does is to position you as an authority. Anyone who teaches about his products is perceived as someone with in-depth knowledge in that niche. This will build trust and make it easy for you to sell. No buyer wants to waste their time and money with a novice who barely knows what they are doing. If you want to make millions in real estate, populate your Social Media handles with relevant, inspiring and valuable real estate content. This must not just be some long theoretical content, but content that are actually relevant to your potential buyers. By doing this, you are answering their questions and objections, you are positioning yourself in their minds as a high value Real Estate Expert. You are building the right perception that will make your stuffs sell fast. You can also build a Real Estate Blog or a full real estate website where you post your content and list your properties. See Content Ideas for Real Estate Agents.

Build a List of Buyers

Internet Marketers have a Popular cliché:

 “The money is in the list”.

Building a list of potential buyers helps you sell to them at will. Even when they buy, you can still sell to them again and again. The ultimate aim of selling online after generating traffic is to build a list. The ultimate success lies in the quality and quantity of your list. You can build an email list, you can build a WhatsApp Audience, you can build a real estate audience on a Facebook group. Just get more people into your reach. People you can reach at any time without paying for adverts. The truth is that, every real estate agent needs an email list. An email list is more than a database of your contacts; it’s a list of subscribers eagerly awaiting your next move. This is what will separate you from broke agents. There’s no other tool that allows you to stay in touch with your existing clients and potential leads, drive sales, and improve your customer loyalty, all at the same time.

List your Properties on Business Directories and Real Estate Marketplaces

There are several real estate directory websites who are specially designed to help agents and property owners sell or rent their properties. Example propertypro.ng, property marketplace, jiji, and Stainerz Homes (Coming Soon). These sites/Apps are mostly free with a paid plan that gives your property more visibility. You simply create an account, add your property (Title, Description, Features, Price), and upload your own photos of your properties. Be sure to include photos of the home’s best features, and to include pertinent information about the neighborhood in the description.

 If you are confident in your ability (and have the time) to create an eye-catching listing that will draw in legitimate potential buyers, you can rely primarily on free plan, but If you are unsure you can handle the promotion, it is probably best to go for the premium plan and allow the sites to brand and promote your listing for you. You can always create more rudimentary free listings as well. After all, you never know which “lure” is going to work on the house-buying “fish” you seek.  

Take Quality Photographs and Invest in Design

High-quality, even professional-grade photographs of listed homes are now the standard for listing properties online. Quality Images is an investment worth making. You might want to consider hiring a professional to take pictures of properties you are selling or get a good device if you want to do it yourself. When you take your pictures, open the shades, blinds, and windows to bring as much light into the apartment as possible. Shooting in the center of a room doesn’t use the space well. Shoot your photos from a corner or from the doorway to give people browsing the photos some context for the room. However, avoid using a wide-angle lens, which creates a “fish bowl” effect on photos, and make the spaces seem larger than it is.

Use Videos to Sell

The benefits of sending a quick message using videos will wow your potential buyers and connect you to them right away. There are three well-documented elements to communication: your words, your voice/tone, and your body language. Videos not only build trust, but also have a way of entertaining your audience in a way that makes them see what you’ve got to show. You can video the property inside and outside, you can video yourself talking about latest property trends, you can even make a video of a new client moving into their properties and so much more.

Run Paid Ads on Properties

The fastest way to get properties old is to invest in online advertisement. When you invest in advertisement, you take your patronage beyond family and friends to a wider audience that are interested in your offers. You can advertise on Facebook, and Instagram, Property Listing Websites and blogs.

Excellent Customer Service

“Relationships are the only thing that matters in business and in life.”

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. This is why most big brands go out of their way to please their customers and ultimately satisfy. If you are always quarrelling, arguing or leaving your customers dissatisfied, you will soon go out of business. Customer Care in real estate cannot be overemphasized. The simple reason is that most of your big deals will come through referrals. If you can make your customers know you as someone who delivers excellence and quality service, you are on your way to making millions as a Real Estate Agent. This may cost you some money, but it is worth the returns it will bring to your business. You can easily ask a satisfied client for referrals and eventually make more sales.

Be available for inspections

Be available for inspections and always show up as a professional. If you gave a prospect an appointment, endeavour to keep it and show up on time. You must present the unique selling points of property to the prospect. Show them why they really need to buy it. Let them know how advantageous the location is, and be very engaging in the conversation. Take proper safety precautions while on inspections. This includes taking down the full name and phone number of anyone interested in viewing your property with which you can use to remarket them or sell your upcoming properties.

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