Architectural Services

We are renowned for our architectural might; we are actively involved in architectural designing and landscaping that beats the imagination of the common man.

Valuation and Appraisals

All our valuation and appraisal are handled by a team of professionals who give accurate, timely and valuable reports to our clients


We handle the construction of both residential and commercial buildings. We undertake both building and road constructions. We are dedicated to building roads and highways for our clients.

Agency and Brokerage

A key structure in our firm is the agency and brokerage unit designed to serve either side of a transaction across residential and commercial markets. We work with the mental pictures of our clients, either when they intend to buy, rent, lease or sell.

Property Development & Management

We are professionals in the business of property development and management. Our key target is to ensure that our clients do not only get housing and property expectations, but also those investments are maintained to return dividends years after completion.

Property Investment Advisory

We draw from our wealth of experience to advice our clients on the best approach to their housing and real estate needs. we are able to competently give best professional advice on when, where and what to buy in order for our clients to reap returns on their investment.

Interior Decoration and Finishing

We are experts in delivering excellent finishing to your buildings which will increase its aesthetic value and make it a cynosure of all eyes. Asides giving you your dream home, we work to create interiors that will give you utmost satisfaction.

We are the best

Stainerz Group have been giving superior value in Real Estate and Construction since 2016

A track record of excellence

We have exhibited excellence and transparency since inception in 2016. Our Clients love us, our team is highly motivated. 

150+ Projects Done

150+ Projects Done

From Architecture to construction, Finance and Petroleum.

216+ Happy Clients

216+ Happy Clients

Over 216 clients cannot be wrong. They Love how we do their jobs.

50+ Team of Experts

50+ Team of Experts

We hire the best hands, train and deploy them to deliver top-notch value to our clients

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