If you really want to experience financial independence or you really want to live the life of your dreams then you are going to try to avoid taking debt. This is quiet because when you are in debt, it is just as if you are working for someone else. Every income you earn is not said to be really yours but to pay someone else in other to clear your debts.

Now here are 3 powerful ways/steps we have come up with to help you stay away from debts especially when getting your new home;


The most important ad compulsory way for how you can avoid debt is by living a life within your means. This simply means that if you don’t have the exact money, you were looking for in order to purchase what you wanted, then you can’t seem to afford it and shouldn’t buy it. This is way harder than it seems because our society has now become an instant gratification one. People need to have things now and can’t put off buying things.

Now add to this advertiser today who are able to tap into our minds and emotions to get us to buy their product and it’s the main reason why so many of us are in debt.


Now, how do these advertisers get us to spend our money? This is mainly because they know that the emotional side of our dear brain works faster than the rational side of our brain. So they try to tap into our emotions and try until they get us and finally we buy. When you start having buyer’s remorse a few days or weeks or month later, the rational side of our brain has caught up and you now come to realize that you don’t really need or want the item anymore.

But unfortunately, it is way too late as we have already bought the item from them. But it is very possible that you can beat these advertisers at this game.


This is one of the major ways on how you can avoid debt and it is related to being happy. First, you will need to love yourself and know how to value yourself. There are some people who definitely think that they need to buy things for others just to be loved by them. Anybody that is worth loving will definitely not need you to get the things before they can love you. They will love you for just being you.

Back then at college, I totally learned this the hard way. I bought things so many things for my best friend back then at college because I thought that buying him things was going to show how I like him. But the truth is that there was no need to buy anything for him just to show him that I liked him.

Now you should learn to love yourself because you are very special and just understand that other people will love you for this very reason. It may definitely take time for you to raise your self-esteem, but it can be done possible.

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