When Good Renovations Go Bad AND HOW TO AVOID IT

It is common sense to think that if you fix up your place, maybe add a little more counter space in the kitchen or maybe another bathroom, you’ll be able to sell or rent your home for more than actual value. And in most cases, you would be right. But in a recent study done…Read More→

How to Make Money on Pre-Construction Real Estate Investments

Featured Image for Preconstruction Real Estate Investment Profits

If you love to play big in the real estate industry and you have the heart and soul of a gambler or love extreme sports and activities such as skydiving and anything risky but highly rewarding, then you may want to consider pre-construction real estate investing.

How to Make Multiple Streams of Income in Real Estate Investments

It doesn’t really matter what kind of investing you are into, it’s almost always a wise idea to have multiple streams of income in order to maximize your profits while spreading your risks. Even within the confines of real estate investing there are different types of investing that can help you spread your risks when…Read More→